The success of a business depends, to an overwhelming extent, on the team supporting it, building it up day by day, with passion, energy and competence. Employee recruitment and loyalty has become a sophisticated process that needs to take into account not only the company`s requirements, but also what aspirants want, their expectations, the way in which their competences and business requirements match. And, above all, the creation of a favourable, reliable climate, so that employees feel valued. Today, loyalty has become a rare bird. “Knowledge is power”. Panel based climate and engagement studies, both at company (internal) level and at market (external) level, give a clear, structured and actionable picture of the employee perception, of the market and of the employer brand belonging to the company.


We start with climate and engagement studies, but we do not stop here. We have the ability to deliver various online or mobile market studies on a representative section of the population of the target country, or multi-country studies on methodologies that are globally best in class. We invite you to a conversation on this topic and we can give you more insight into the expertise, methodology, global references and technology we use.